"I have enjoyed writing my first book which is now available through either Barnes and Noble or Amazon.com. I am also available to speak and share my story in a variety of settings. My book is one that gives hope to victims and survivors of sexual abuse. My calling in life is to ...

"God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling"  ~Unknown

Meet Author Lee Cross

My first book Trauma and Triumph:Mother-Son Incest. My Journey out of Darkness and Destructive Behaviors into a Life free from Shame and Addictions, is available NOW.


I hope by sharing my story from being a Victim and Survivor of Sexual abuse to that of being an Over comer, will give Hope to those who have lost their Voice. Speak out, Speak Up and Stand Up for what was taken from You. It was not your fault.  But don't go it alone. Reach Out, Reach Up and Reach Ahead, for your Healing will come. Invite the Healer into your life. You were all alone when you were being abused, but don't go it alone into your Healing.